I relate to being the person who people come to for “such a change from the old routine,” but not being the main thing. I had a long-term relationship for seven years with someone who was the head of a label and I felt like I was that change of routine. I was always waiting to become the person who his kids came home to, and it never happened.

Lana Del Rey for Complex Magazine (2014)

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An endless list of fictional or historical “characters” I can’t help but worship→ Libby Masters (Masters of sex)

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The Phantom of the Opera Challenge

9 Songs (3/9)

Wandering Child

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because we all need to be reminded how rad this guy is, okay 

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“I once had a dreams of becoming a beautiful poet, but upon an unfortunate series of events some of those dreams dashed and divided like a million stars in the night sky that I wished on over and over again, sparkling and broken.

But I didn’t really mind, because I knew that it takes getting everything you ever wanted, and then losing it to know what true freedom is.”

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The life and adventures of Emma Swan.

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does anyone else randomly think about the fact that rumple tortured regina’s soulmate and regina imprisoned his true love and just

゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚ bestfriends forever ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚


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both of you need to stop with your perfect faces fgsjdlsshsk

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