What is love?

This is perfection.

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german production of the phantom of the opera

thomas schulze & maike switzer

the creepiest, weirdest and most intense lair ever

Do you have the link to this?

I love it, honestly. (Especially the third kiss omg)

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Winter on the Weekend: a FrozenHearted!Belle ficlet

You guys kept talking about it, and I kept thinking about it, and then, suddenly, I couldn’t help myself – which is surprising, since I haven’t written Rumbelle in months!

So here it is, a tiny ficlet with FrozenHearted!Belle.

“What did you do to her?” Rumplestiltskin half yells and half sobs, falling down to his knees beside his wife’s still form.

He’s too late.

He let Belle try and be a hero, and he knew she could do that; if there was one person in this stupid town that had the ability to understand and feel for villains, it was her. Rumplestiltskin knew that if she could talk some sense into Elsa, could make the Snow Queen trust her, this damn winter would finally be over and maybe, just maybe, he and his wife could spend some time enjoying each other’s company.

And he was wrong. So bloody wrong.

“I… I had to. She was being pushy, and I warned her time and again, but she didn’t listen. I will not let you harm me or Anna. Tell others to stay away from us, or I’ll freeze your hearts, too.”

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rumbelle meme (x)

↳ one au scenario /// belle as the dark one

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How much does the Phantom crave Christine’s love?


you could say

he’s dying for it

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ouat + so done (part 2)

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  With my singing teacher from Sweden in the audience tonight, I am ready! :)

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POTO Comparison | Final Lair - John Owen - Jones (West End) | Hugh Panaro (Broadway).

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