remember that brazilian bootleg wherein you actually hear these soul-wrenching sobs of the audience?

me @ Gero and Harriet

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ah, midnight

what a beautiful moment to enact the entire phantom of the opera on my own

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Sarah Drew talks Grey’s Anatomy on

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Rumplestiltskin in the season 4 promo (x)

Can I just say he looks really good here? And I know he is in the window so it is hard to tell, but the makeup looks very season 1-ish and that makes me mildly happy

It looks so good, I was trying to place if this was a reused shot from an earlier season!

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This September winter comes early

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April Kepner Appreciation Week  → DAY FOUR: favourite quote

" Do you believe that god plans for two people to be together? It doesn’t make any sense. Why would he bring these two people together, make them fall in love, open up to one another, make them feel like they were meant to be together, and then just… pull them apart?"

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a summary

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  Anonymous said: One day, if we're really, really good, will you please reopen the Breathless!verse?

ohh, that’s so sweet of you! I’m working on a Phantom thing now, but just shoot me with things you’d like to see. I sure would love to get some prompts from that verse, who knows what would happen! :)

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