It’s nice that all you are saying you’ll read my fic. My problem is all of the hate and negativity in the fandom just doesn’t put me in the mood to write. I look at my dash and all I see is ,”I hate this” “this is the worst show” ever and I just remember the good days. I just look at my story and…

This may come across wrong but I think you may be following the wrong people. I’ve unfollowed the people who relentlessly complain, and my dash is a happier place. I see things every once in a while that make me grit my teeth, but it’s not as often as it used to be.

Tumblr and twitter are hostile places anyway. And on Facebook, I only follow a Robert Carlyle group on there because there is ZERO negativity.

But I guarantee you the Rumbelle fandom is very much alive.

I know, it’s just some of the people I would unfollow I’ve been following for a long time and it just kills me that I would have to do that. I guess I just have no choice.

Sometimes you have to. I not only unfollowed by put a couple people on ignore, one who was one of the first people I followed on here. The constant negativity just got to me. I get discussing the show. I get some complaining or some “Gee I wish they wouldn’t do that or did X or why can’t they do Y?” But the bashing of the show, the hate watching, the constant paranoia. No thanks!

I may appear an asshole or heartless right now, but I just think that if a blog makes you sick or feel bad you should unfollow it. If the blogger is your friend, you can always keep in touch via e-mails or other social networks.
It’s not my place to judge, but I assure you that things won’t get better if you do nothing about it.
You have to ask yourself what is more important between your feelings or someone bitching about a show.

You’re not an asshole. You guys are right. I’ve already unfollower one person and ignored another so I could have my dash back to being a happy place. It sucks, but I joined this fandom because it was so inviting and happy. It makes me sad that a few people just want to keep spoiling that.

I still love the show! I still adore Rumbelle above all else! I think most of the Rumbelle blogs I follow are the same way. In all honesty most of the negativity on my dash comes from SwanFire blogs which I can totally understand since half of their ship just died. I will admit I went on an ignoring/unfollowing spree in the wake of those Zelena kiss pictures. Anyone who remotely insinuated Rumple was cheating went right on my shit list.

Positive Rumbellers are still out there! And I will stick with this show until the end or until Robert Carlyle leaves which, lets face it, is the same thing.

If I may add something to the discussion, I’d also unfollow negative people if I were you. Unfortunately, reading constant complaints and seeing the hatred will make you not want to watch the show or you’ll become one of them. I, myself, love the show, I love the storyline and I don’t wanna surround myself with people who have me thinking, “gee, this really sucked, I wish they’d done that the way this person sees it” and just… no. Positive thoughts only!

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*Reading Rumbelle fics*

I don’t think I quite understood what an OTP was until I watched OUAT.

I’ve seen so many shows, been in so many fandoms, shipped so many ships,

but nothing ever came close the the magic that is 

Rumplestiltskin and Belle


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rumple telling belle to leave to protect himself (1x12) vs. rumple telling belle to leave to protect her (3x15)

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Belle does not like it when people try to ruin Roleplay Wednesday

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later that evening Rumple willingly makes out with her because he’s clearly smitten.

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Really Zelena you will beg for mercy when Belle find out what you are doing with her Rumple!

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Where is My Mind?


Well here it is, my promised smut! Enjoy!

Summary: (NC-17) Sweet little Belle French couldn’t seduce the fearsome Mr. Gold, but she had a pretty good idea of someone who could.

In which Belle disguises herself as her sister Lacey.

Ao3 Link:

If she was ever questioned on it, Belle would blame the heat.

Well, the heat and her stupid teenage hormones making her do silly, inappropriate things.

It was July in Storybrooke. Belle was home for the summer after her first year of college, and she’d spent the past several weeks working in Mr. Gold’s pawnshop in order to raise a little money before school started up again.

She’d also spent the past several weeks lusting after her boss.

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belle french meme | two places

→ [2/2] Mr Gold’s Pawnshop

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